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Sutton Hoo Leather Belt

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Anglo-Saxon Great Belt of Sutton Hoo

The archaeological site of Sutton Hoo, located in the English region of East Anglia, includes numerous burial mounds. Most famous among those is the ship-burial from which remarkably well-preserved, precious artefacts dated back to the 7th century were excavated. The likely best-known finds from this grave are the famous Helmet and the Great Gold Buckle of Sutton Hoo, both significant testimonies of the quality of Anglo-Saxon craftsmanship.

For the ruling class of the Anglo-Saxons and other Germanic Peoples, sumptuous and elaborately adorned belts were outward symbols of status and prestige, and, as such, indispensable garment accessories.

This sturdy belt is based on the historical Sutton Hoo find. The imposing, intricately designed brass buckle is an accurately detailed reproduction of the boat grave's original golden buckle, which is on display for people to admire at the British Museum in London. It is composed of three parts - a long, somewhat ovoid plate, a tongue with circular plate and a hoop (or frame). The tongue-plate and the hoop are both hinged independently. All components of the belt buckle are richly decorated: The long plate is entirely covered with densely interwoven animals or animal-like creatures - from coiling snakes to interlaced four-legged beasts to stylized bird heads - and attached to the belt with three hemispherical ornament rivets. The meandering, snake-like motifs are repeated on the tongue-plate as well as on the two circular belt fittings, while the buckle frame is ornamented with fine interlace.

The belt's approx. 4 cm wide, 3 mm thick strap is made from quality cowhide and has 15 square holes for a perfect fit.

This beautiful belt is sure to become a talking point at every medieval market, LARP gathering or reenactment event. However, it is not only a perfect, classy addition to any early medieval garb, but also absolutely suitable for everyday use!

- Material: approx. 3 mm thick leather (cowhide), brass
- Overall length: approx. 137 cm
- Belt width: approx. 4.2 cm
- Buckle width at broadest point: approx. 5.5 cm
- Adjustable - Girth: approx. 82-127 cm
- Weight: approx. 380 g

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