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Thor's Hammer Pendant, hand-forged steel

Thor's Hammer Pendant, hand-forged steel  
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Thor's Hammer Pendant, hand-forged steel

This hand-forged pendant symbolises Mjölnir, the mighty hammer of the Norse god of thunder Thor (Donar).

Thor was once regarded as the highest Germanic god, especially among peasants and warriors, while the Scandinavian jarls andkings rather considered Thor's father Odin as the supreme deity.

According to the Germanic mythology, Mjölnir was forged by the dwarf Brokkr. It is said that, when thrown, Mjölnir never missesits target. Thor used this hammer to defeat the giants who incessantly threatened the Vanir and Æsir pantheons. And the MidgardSerpent also had to experience Mjölnir's power.

Nowadays, Thor's hammer is a popular motif for jewellery and talismans. It is also a symbol of paganism within a Christianenvironment.

- Material: hand-forged steel
- Dimensions: approx. 71 x 39 mm
- Each piece is unique.

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