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Plain buckler

Product No.: ULF-SD-04
Delivery time: 1-3 Days
Weight: 1.10

31,95 EUR

19 % VAT incl.
excl. Shipping costs

Buckler with 4 plates, 2mm steel

Bucklers, shields gripped with the fist, were frequently used in combination with single-handed swords from the high middle ages to the Renaissance. They are useful for shielding from, as well as giving out blows.

Our ULFBERTH® bucklers are available in sizes S, M and L. The handles are riveted and wrapped in leather.


- Diameter: approx. 23cm (S), 30cm (M) oder 38cm (L)

- Material: 2mm steel

- Weigtht: approx. 0,9kg (S), 2kg (M) oder 2,3kg (L)

This is an original ULFBERTH® product.