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FWM Haubergeon, riveted flat / solid punched rings

Product No.: ULF-FWM-HG
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FWM Haubergeon, riveted flat / solid punched rings

A haubergeon is a short or mid-sleeve, thigh-length chain mail shirt.

The FWM chain maille type is a variant of the European flat ring mesh.
It consists of a row of wedge riveted flat rings followed by a row of punched rings of equal size. This alternating technique, whichwas not only applied in the Middles Ages but also in the Antiquity already, could save a great deal of work as only every second ringneeded to be riveted. The weave is 4 in 1.
However, the riveting by means of wedge rivets (triangular rivets) only made its appearance in the late Middle Ages. The mail FRW andFWM mail types are thus only suitable for late medieval re-enactment.

Available in sizes M, L and XL.

All measurements are taken fully stretched.

Details and measurements:
- Material: Flat rings, riveted
- Inner ring diameter: approx. 8 mm
- Ring width: approx. 1.8 mm
- Finish: natural (slightly oiled)

Chest circumference approx.125 cm135 cm150 cm
Length from shoulder approx.80 cm82 cm93 cm
Sleeve length approx.26 cm 30 cm37 cm
Weight approx.7.7 kg8.5 kg10 kg

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